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Chromed Coated Hangers

Manufacture of Chrome Hanger; Chrome-like, brighter, bluish-white, easy-to-crack hard metal, chrome is very resistant to the weather, not damp in the air, ie stainless. Because of this nature, many of the metals that are likely to rust are covered with a thin chromium layer (chroming).

Chromium is generally crystalline in nature. It is one of the first crystallizing elements during the solidification of our world. Chromium sprouts means chromite. It is mostly found in rocks as fine crystals. Many filaments of chromium are known; emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire are precious stones. But the most common chromium sprouts are chromium.

Chrome is primarily used to harden iron. The chrome-iron alloy is very rigid so it works in the construction of abrasive tools such as files. The chromium-nickel alloy incorporates iron which gives it a very durable and flexible steel. Various machine parts, armors, bridges, electrical resistances are made.

Chromium-tungsten alloys are much harder, especially for the construction of bits used for machining hard material. For these reasons, chromium compounds are widely used in industry. These compounds are valued 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. Chromium 2 compounds are blue, chromium 3 compounds are green, chromium 6 and 7 compounds are yellow, orange and red. Due to these properties, chromium compounds are widely used in the paint industry.

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