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Sakalar Askı is a manufacturer of plastic hangers branded Sakalar Askı Plastik San. Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. Since its foundation in 1995, it has been producing plastic hangers, plastic clip labels, tie hanger and other plastic garment accessories to ready-to-wear sector.

Sakalar Askı Plastic San. Foreign Trade. Ltd. STI has more than 22 years in plastic clothes hanger and plastic label has been one of Turkey's leading businesses.

The mission of the Beard Hanger; spread the quality-conscious individuals to provide opportunities to their full potential, to hear responsibilities to all the people who use their products, while this is also the international norms in business and quality of the acting all kinds of clothes hangers, garment hangers, garment accessories and plastic Turkey's standards in the industry exceeding the structure of a world-wide institution.

Sakalar Hanger always meets the customer demands in the shortest time and with the highest quality and in doing so provides unconditional customer satisfaction at the best price.

Our quality policy;

»Timely and economical service in accordance with standards.

»Continuous improvement and Research - Development activities.

»Respect for the environment - responsibility for the future.

»The importance we attach to our human resources.

»Total quality excellence.

»Modern technology and contemporary management.



Male Large Plastic Jacket Hanger

It is ideal for printing with 7 different types of printing with clear frosted, matt, chrome, chrome plated, suede or custom coating options.

Ideal for men's jackets and coats

Also nice for shirts and tops

Angled - supports the shape of the jacket and shows for advantage

Matching clothes hanger is available.

Strong - robust U shape design and support 44 mm thick shoulders

Size - 45cm wide, perfect size for men's jackets

Part of our Black Plastic Hanger series:

Style - a wide selection, functional economy hanger for stylish collections

Range - notched or bottom hangers; trousers, jackets and clothes hangers; plus custom skirt and tricot hangers

Print - black is a good foundation for colorful brand logos.


Suspenders; It is an article designed in the form of a human shoulder for the trousers to hang neatly from wrinkles to the closet or wall hangers. Some clothes hangers have a flat bar underneath which is used to hang trousers. Again, on both sides of some varieties, small hooks can be provided for women's skirt hangers. We offer special design products to our valued customers.



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